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The challenge
The Challenge
  • Outdated and time-consuming reporting cycle.
  • Increase visibility of the pages in search engine.
  • The struggle to find a suitable workflow to manage client data.
The Solution
  • Our dev team devised logical flow to optimize the process
  • Automated the periodic reporting process
  • Get consistent data every time
The Results
  • Outdated and time-consuming reporting cycle.
  • Increase visibility of the pages in search engine.
  • The struggle to find a suitable workflow to manage client data.

The Full Story

Before using Optomate, SHO experienced several common pain points like struggling to find a suitable workflow to manage client website optimizations. 

Manual monitoring and reporting were time-consuming and left more room for errors. Like many client-serving companies, SHO struggled to find a process for website monitoring, reporting, and optimization that was consistent, and efficient and communicated their value in a way that increased client trust and retention. Despite trying many automation tools, they were still struggling.

Reporting mistakes - Reports are repetitive and mundane when someone has to manually prepare them each month, creating more room for error. , SHO needed consistency across reports for all clients to manage at scale. 

Long hours - Manual reporting takes too much time away from high-impact SEO activities. When reports take too long, sometimes they just aren't sent.

Making the process seamless and consistent

SHO was already using Optomate for its website optimization and performance monitoring. They immediately thought of Optomate API solutions to integrate into their platform. SHO was interested in the added flexibility that the Optomate API offered. Optomate API allowed SHO and his team to automate the website health audits and reporting process. This setup allowed them to do what none of the previous options had been able to do: 

Get consistent data every time: Whereas manual reporting leaves the potential for a wide margin of error, automated reporting ensures that data is accurate and reports are never missed or sent out late. 

Process Automation: SHO can easily display Optomate API data alongside other key website metrics, giving their clients a holistic understanding of how websites are performing and marketing strategies are moving the needle. 

Perform custom analysis: Optomate API data easily integrates with most reporting tools, allowing the team to spot insights and isolate opportunities for continued improvement.

Optomate integration on SHO with white-labeled solution, SHO Improved listing accuracy, excellent client experience, and substantial time and cost savings.

More to Automation - Less time compiling data for reports means more time to develop the insights needed to have meaningful conversations with clients. 

Increase lifetime customer value - Reports are delivered on time, every time and better-reporting insights give SHO clients confidence that they've chosen the right marketing partner, meaning clients stick around longer. 

Grow client maturity - Clear reporting and strong insights educate clients, leaving no doubt in their minds about what the next step should be.

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Optomate has proven to be the best Webflow website optimizer for our client Webflow websites.
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Alex Rickard